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Power of Expression Through Film

Atlanta, GA |
B O U T I Q U E   W E D D I N G
C I N E M A  +  P H O T O

Feature Films


"By Far the Best"

"Yaay, so excited!" 

"Everyone kept messaging me that they have never seen such a beautiful video like this."

"Now, my in-laws are planning a movie night!"

Elizabeth Chacon - Los Diamantes En Los Rocas


Feature Trailers


No boutique wedding cinema package is complete without our Weddings by Cinema-Styles signature movie trailers. These previews are the smoke before the fire that will have your friends and family, in and out of the Atlanta metropolitan area, rolling out the red carpet for your coming attraction. WBCS trailers are hot, and after watching everyone you know will be just as excited as you are for the release of your Feature Film! 


Accept no substitute, it's time to press play with WBCS! #T2PP

One person a thousand feelings, love . . .

"We Are Speechless"

"Thank you so much!" 

"Just opened our package and we are speechless."

"We loved everything about your services and will definitely recommend you to our friends."

Nicole Capra - I Will Always Love You


Cine - Minis


"I Opened the Photo Album . . ."

"I can't even find the words to express how much I love the it, and how much

I enjoyed turning each page, smiling at the final product!" 

Shavonne Turner - The Language of Love

 1st Testimonial

Storytelling Photography


Boutique Wedding Photography

Packages range between $2,000 - $4,000

Weddings by Cinema-Styles welcomes you to allow us to narrate your love story through photogenic storytelling. Capturing loving details, nailing the right moments and staging beautiful portraits for ATL area couples

enable us to artistically illustrate special days through the lenses of still photography.

Accept no substitute, it's time to press play with WBCS! #T2PP

Professional image-taking should integrate, serve and enhance the story

Love is infinite in its possibilities . . .


"When I Say Y'all are Amazing... I Mean Every Word"

"You guys really show the true meaning of building a relationship with the couple, and now I finally see

what you meant, and the importance of stressing to me how it's important that you guys get to know us.

Shavonne Turner - The Language of Love

 2nd Testimonial

About   Us 


Girl sees boy, girl is struck by Cupid's bow for boy, girl makes it her business to find out who boy is. Two years later girl marries boy, he was 21 and she 20. Yes, that's our love story. Ron and I have literally grown up together. No as you can image it hasn't always been easy however, there has always been love.

Now we work together at Weddings by Cinema-Styles.

He's the Director of Photography and I am his Second Shooter & handle Business Operations.

We deliver uniquely crafted products to each of our clients specific to their individual love.

Accept no substitute, it's time to press play with WBCS! #T2PP


Love is when you have everything you need to be happy right now . . .

Love IQ: No two couples' love stories are ever the same. Love does not come with instructions.

You have to figure out what works for you then write your own manual together, in L - O - V - E.




    Ron  &  Salina   


WBCS is a catalyst for couples to feel, see, and claim the 

power of their image



We deliver optimistic and diverse storytelling, experiences, and points of views to our audience of smart, curious, and passionate couples



At our core, WBCS operates on imagination, individuality,

inclusivity and impact



WBCS makes art 

We dream it, and then do it - together - everyday reinventing what’s possible

  Metro Atlanta, GA  




   Let's Make Art - Together 

Cinema-Styles Logo Transparent.png

"OMG!!! I Love the Presentation"

"The gift wrap and personalized keepsake box - its beauuuuuuutiful!

"I haven't watched the movie yet. I'm going to wait for Anthony with the popcorn and wine."

LaTasha Gardner - Endless Love




Perfectly chronical the annals of your love with Weddings by Cinema-Styles deliverables.

No two pieces of our Love Story Wedding Cinema + Storytelling Photography deliverables are alike,

which makes for a truly special experience in ownership. Each hand crafted wooden keepsake box or your first family heirloom comes in a variety of sophisticated colors. Your keepsake box is custom engraved with your names, love story title, and wedding date. Additionally, you will receive beautifully created WBCS crystal USB drives as an elegant way to both receive your digital content but also present your wedding cinema, feature trailer and photos with style and class.

Finally, your layflat photo wedding album is the perfect way to showcase the most important

moments and portraits from your special day. The albums are designed to

lie completely flat, which allows for full displays of panoramic images and

wide-angle shots seamlessly across a two-page spread. 

Love does not need to be perfect, it just needs to be true . . .